Record store: Mod Lang

We're your go-to spot for a rich selection of UK/Euro imports and indie releases, classic and rare re-issues, U.S. indies & modern rock, alongside new and used vinyl & CDs. Our store also boasts a vast collection of 7"s and an array of music memorabilia, making it a paradise for music enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Do you buy used records?

Yes, we buy used records in great condition. We're mostly interested in rock, plus some jazz, blues, folk, and international music.

What types of music do you generally not buy?

We usually can't use Christmas or novelty music, crooners, big band, classical/opera, or country music. We love them but are currently overstocked!

What information do you need about my music collection?

Would you be able to give me an idea of what kind of music you have and from what eras?

What specific albums are you interested in purchasing?

The ones I'd be interested in seeing include:

  • David Sylvian (any, & Sakamoto any if you have)
  • Fleetwood Mac (Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, & Buckingham Nicks album)
  • John Coltrane - Blue Train
  • Marie Laforet
  • Nick Drake (any)
  • Getz/Byrd - Samba
  • Wes Montgomery - Bumpin
  • Velvet Underground - Loaded

How do you determine the pricing for records?

Pricing is based on pressing and condition. I can't use anything below VG+. We like Verve & Blue Note jazz, but due to many reissues, we often need either the original version or a super clean more recent issue, not compilations. Surprised to see the newish Cinematic Orchestra in there, did you not like it? Unfortunately, I'm overstocked on 60s/70s rock & can't really use 50s singers. Love the soul & Motown but again: overstocked...I'm sorry!

Thank you, Naomi

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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