Record store: Nevermind Shop

We have to be very particular,  we are currently looking g fi rock and roll, jazz or blues.....if you'd like to call the shop.and discuss 508 528 2525

I usually make three to four stacks from a collection...I discern them by price point,...this 5 to 10 dollars retail, this stack is 10 to 20 retail,...this stuff is a dollar...and yes condition is could have a potential 40 dollar record but if it's unplayable and scratched it's goes in the dollar bin You get compensated either way usually make out better in store credit but then again it all depends what you bring me,. ...I dont want any easy listening  , big band. Polka. Classical, show tunes, 78 records or loose 45s

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record store address: 1 Milford St, Upton, MA 01568, USA