Record store: Catacomb Records

So, our shop focuses on metal, hard rock, classic rock, punk, industrial and post punk and glam. We tend to stay away from classical, jazz, country and hip hop, but I would look at hip hop if the collection was right for the area.

We are looking for records that are clean and it sounds like your collection is graded at VG+ or higher so we are definitely interested and checking out what you have.

Our process for grading follows the Gold Mine standard. We start off by finding the specific press of the record. This is done via the run out on the record itself. Then we grade the sleeve and the inner record. We check to see if the record is complete with the inserts and any printed sleeves. Based on all of this we grade the record and determine value. We tend to keep our prices slightly above mid-range for the record. Now, if the record is rare the value is going to go up. Example is a first press of a record prior to the band getting on a major label. Maybe only 1000 copies pressed and this is in the collection. This record could be worth much more and the price will reflect this.

Once we have a total sale value of the collection, we offer the owner a buy price based on this value. Now we do offer more in-store credit than cash, but the right collection will get a much better offer. We do get folks trying to bring in old beat-up records and they will ask for top value and we have to explain to them why this is not possible. Sounds like this is not your collection.

If you would like to setup a time to head into the shop and have our staff grade a collection for purchase just let us know. We tend to take our time with larger collections to make sure we offer the best price possible for a used collection.


Tim Wright Owner Catacomb Records Phone (937) 572-6090

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record store address: 2310 E Dorothy Ln, Kettering, OH 45420, United States