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Do you provide reviews or appraisals for records?

Are you interested in selling? We don't do "reviews" or appraisals...

What criteria do you use to buy records?

We buy based on artist, title, & condition (of both record & sleeve).

Are there specific genres you do not usually buy?

We are not looking for most classical, showtunes, and easy listening, but even here there are exceptions.

Can I get a rough idea of what my records are worth at your store?

If you live near one of our stores, you could bring a sample of what you have in & get an idea of what we pay.

Do you offer any incentives for opting for store credit over cash?

We generally pay an extra 33% on the cash price in store credit for good used LPs.

Tony Green - Manager
Amoeba Music SF
1855 Haight St
SF, CA 94117
415 831 1200

Last updated: 2024-06-24

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