Record store: Papa Jazz Record Shoppe


What genres of music are you most interested in buying?

We are mostly interested in Rock n Roll, Soul, Jazz, R&B, and some Country music from the 50s to the present. However, we are interested in all genres and would consider anything you would like to sell.

How do you determine the offer for records?

We generally offer a third of what we plan to price the record for in cash. For store credit, we would double the cash offer.

Can I receive payment in forms other than cash?

Yes, we offer store credit as well, which will be double the amount of the cash offer.

Are there specific decades of music you are particularly interested in?

While we have a focus on music from the 50s to the present, we are open to all decades as long as they fall within our main genres of interest.

Will you consider genres outside of your main interest?

Yes, we are interested in all genres and would consider any records you would like to sell.

Last updated: 2024-06-08

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record store address: 2014 Greene St, Columbia, SC 29205, USA