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Condition is important to us. We understand that used records aren't usually perfect and that they will show signs of use.

However, if they are heavily worn, and even if the jackets are damaged, we may not want them.

Our biggest business is rock, but we also are very open minded about most genres, as long as we think it will be something that will interest our customers. The other big genres are Jazz, blues,soul and Classical. Typically we are looking for 1960s and later, unless you have quality jazz or classical from the 1950s.

There are some titles and artists we know we have a hard time selling, so we don't necessarily make offers on everything in a particular genre.

Our selling prices are determined mostly by history of sales in our store, but we use other resources for pricing.

When we buy, we offer wholesale prices that are a fraction of what we will charge. If we make a cash offer, we will make a higher offer in credit.

Hope that answers your questions. If you are interested in selling, the next step would be to determine how many you want to sell. Generally we ask you to come to us, unless you have a large collection.

Thanks, Steve Record Wonderland

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record store address: 737 E Nerge Rd, Roselle, IL 60172, United States