Record store: Angry Young & Poor


What genres of records does AYP specialize in purchasing?

We purchase punk & metal - we usually stay away from 45s.

How can I sell my punk or metal records to AYP?

If you have punk & metal you could arrange a time to bring them in for us to look over.

What condition do records need to be in for AYP to consider purchasing them?

We only usually take metal & punk records in good condition.

How does AYP determine the offer price for records?

We determine the offer by being able to get back what we offer plus making a small profit.

What payment options are available for selling my records at AYP?

Most people want cash but store credit is also an option.

Why do offers for vinyl records at AYP sometimes seem lower than expected?

Unfortunately, people selling vinyl usually think it's worth more than what it really is.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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