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Gallery Row's Vinyl & Art Haven, co-owned by a father-son team, stands as a unique fusion of vinyl record retail and art gallery. Opening its doors in January 2013, the store has evolved to offer a diverse collection of over 3000 vinyl records spanning genres like americana, folk, classic rock, and jazz, alongside a curated selection of cassettes, CDs, and other attention-grabbing items. The owners' personal collections influence the store's inventory, with a penchant for classic jazz, sixties folk, early rock, as well as hip-hop and diverse mixtapes.

Setting it apart from typical record stores, Gallery Row features original artworks from local artists, including the owner/operator, creating a dynamic space that celebrates both auditory and visual art forms. It's also affectionately known as "that cat store in Lancaster on the corner," famous for its two resident felines and support for animal welfare through the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary.

In addition to records and art, the store offers a variety of lifestyle items across 25 categories, enriching the shopping experience. The venue actively participates in the local culture by hosting events like Music Friday, First Fridays, Lancaster Art Walks, and semi-annual Record Store Days, underscoring its commitment to the Lancaster community.

Gallery Row's Vinyl & Art Haven also purchases vinyl from private collections, ensuring a continually refreshed and eclectic inventory, all while promising competitive prices for sellers.

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record store address: 154 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA