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We are always looking for collections and I am eager to hear more and see more of your collection. We look at all genere of music to add to our collection. Typically the least favorites I. The shop are classical music and some country. But I would be happy to take a look at what you have. I typically look at every record and it's condition to come up with a fair price. It is difficult to know without looking at the prices.

As far as store credit, yes we can definitely do store credit,  cash or a combination. Typically cash pays out lower than store credit, but the final price depends on the collection.

A collection with items that are very popular and could sell quickly gets more money/credit. Items that are harder to sell will yield a little less since the inventory must sit in the shop for a while.

Either way,  would love to discuss and look at the collection in person. Let me know how you want to proceed



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record store address: 642 SE Jackson St, Roseburg, OR 97470, USA