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Is your store still open?

Unfortunately, I closed the store down over 9 years ago. It was never a physical store, just an online shop that I ran from my garage.

Where might someone have heard about your store?

I'm curious about where you found out about it since it has been closed for quite some time and was operated only online.

What type of records did you specialize in?

Mostly, it was a way for me to help offset the cost of shipping on house and techno DJ records I was buying from distributors in Europe that weren't available stateside, so I never really had much pop or jazz for sale.

Where are you based now?

I moved about 100 miles away and just buy and sell on Discogs marketplace from time to time.

Can you recommend a place to find records now?

Discogs marketplace is a great resource for finding whatever you may be after. I recommend checking there for your record needs.

Best regards,\ Razvan

Last updated: 2024-06-18

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