Record store: Rockaway Records

Rockaway Records record store deeply immersed in the diverse and ever-changing world of vinyl records. It breaks down the types of records the store is actively seeking and those it typically avoids, providing valuable insight for potential sellers.

Preferred Genres and Eras:

The store is particularly interested in records from the 60s to the very early 70s, focusing on psychedelic and progressive rock, along with bop, bebop, and post-bop jazz from the 50s/60s, soul jazz, blues, and more. They have a keen interest in picture sleeve 45s/7" singles, audiophile pressings, R&B, soul & funk, private and independent releases, obscure folk & country, old school rap & hip-hop, obscure new wave 7" & 12" singles, and punk rock. Notably, they also value import pressings and blue-chip staples like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Condition Requirements:

They prefer records that are free of scratches and scuffs, with covers that are not split or excessively worn. Special attention is given to records in their original plastic shrinkwrap, especially those still sealed, which might increase their value.

Specific Exclusions:

While the store's tastes are broad, they typically pass on pop vocals, easy listening, Readers Digest and Time-Life series, opera, classical (with exceptions), Broadway cast recordings, soundtracks from mainly the 50s-60s, big band and swing, 70s-80s country, comedy, new age, "wave" jazz, and 45s/7" singles without picture sleeves that were huge hits, among others. However, they do note that there are always exceptions, especially for rare items within these categories.

Large Collections:

For significant collections (over 200/300 pieces), the store offers the convenience of house calls to assess the collection directly at the seller's location. Valuation Process: The value of records is determined based on a combination of market value, rarity, and condition, among other factors.

Selling Options:

The store offers both cash and store credit for purchases. The exact values offered can vary, and opting for store credit might provide a higher value.

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