Record store: Trader Shag's Emporium


Do you buy record LPs? If so, what genres?

Yes, I do buy record LPs, primarily focusing on genres from the 1960s up until now, including rock, pop, rap, some jazz and blues, and a little bit of classical and country.

How does store credit compare to cash when selling records?

Store credit is always more than cash. This option can be more beneficial if you're looking to expand or update your own collection from our store.

What is the price range you offer for purchasing LPs?

LPs are purchased from 25 cents up to $5 or more, depending on their collectability and condition. We assess each record individually to ensure a fair price.

Do you offer services to list records on eBay?

If you have a rare and above-average value record, I often suggest letting me list it on eBay. I have had great success with customers in the past choosing to do that with certain titles that would not sell as well locally.

How can I get more detailed information or discuss specifics?

It would be much easier to explain details via phone. Please call me at the store at (585-637-0720) Mon-Fri 10:30-5pm and Sat until 4:30. I am Geoff, and I am the only one here.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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