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Do you buy albums from individuals?

We do look to buy (or trade for store credit) albums from individuals. We are particularly interested in records from the late 60s to current, including genres like Rock (Psych, Prog, Funk, Punk, Modern, Indie) and Jazz.

What types of records are you not interested in?

I have zero interest in 78RPM records.

What conditions affect the payouts for records?

Will take any record, but payouts are determined by condition. If the record is in too bad a condition there are times I decline on those.

Can I bring in any type of record for assessment?

Yes, you can bring any record for an assessment, but keep in mind that the condition of the record will significantly affect the decision to purchase or the payout offered.

How can I know if my records are of interest to your store?

It's hard to say without looking at a collection. However, we generally focus on genres like Rock and Jazz from the late 60s to the present. We do not have interest in 78RPM records.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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