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Im usually looking for pop / rock (including soul & disco) music between 1960-current. I also take Latin & World and some Jazz

Basically what I am not interested in is Classical, 50s Pop, Swing / Bop, Broadway Musicals, Streisand.

My process is I don't by individual records only in take the good with the bad. Depending on collection for cash on average I pay around $3 (usually $2-$3.50)a record considering the average record here is in $7 to $10 resale. I never pay more than $5 a record unless there is something I personally know is crazy valuable & desirable (it has to be both since if I can't move it doesn't matter how valuable it is)

Things I take into consideration on whether I pay closer to $1-$2 per record or $3-$4 per record is...

-Condition -Demand/Desirable (this is most important because I can literally sit on a record for years)

  • Genre
  • Employee hours it will take to get collection on shelves (cleaning / pricing ect.)

For Store Credit / Trade I pay a little more, but it can only be used towards coffee, art, books and used records that aren't rare or top shelf (this can be negotiated a little bit depending on what you want), NO new records (this is non negotiable, I don't make enough on new records to do this).

Thats pretty much the process


Last updated: 2024-05-29

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