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What styles of records do you buy?

We really buy records of just about any style. There are valuable and not so valuable records in just about every genre. For more details on what we specifically look for, you can visit our page: We Buy Vinyl.

How do you evaluate records?

For our evaluation process, we usually look the records over and offer between 20% and 50% of our retail price. This percentage depends on the record's desirability and how quickly and easily we think it will sell.

Do you offer more if I choose store credit instead of cash?

We can usually do a little better if you'd like store credit over cash, but we are not one of those places where there is an exponential difference in our cash versus store credit offers.

How can I start the process of selling my records to you?

If you'd like to talk more about the records you're thinking of selling, I'd love to hear more about them. You can let me know more about your collection, and we can arrange a time for evaluation.

What information helps you in the evaluation process?

Details about the records, such as genre, condition, and rarity, can be very helpful. If you have a list or can provide some initial information over the phone or via email, that would be beneficial in starting the evaluation process.

We are eager to see what records you have and to offer a fair price for them. Whether you are clearing out old collections or looking to downsize, we're here to help with a smooth transaction and honest pricing.

Best, Daniel

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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