Record store: Sound Go Round


What genres of records are you most interested in buying?

We typically look for more popular genres such as metal, punk, rock, some cool jazz and blues, hip hop, and modern releases. These genres tend to have a broader appeal and are in high demand at our store.

What condition should the records be in?

The records need to be in good shape and playable condition. We prioritize the overall quality and integrity of the vinyl to ensure they are suitable for resale.

How do you determine the purchase price for records?

We usually offer about half the value that we would sell them for in the store. The offer might vary; sometimes more if the records are unique and less if they are common and more of a fill for our inventory.

Do you offer more in store credit than cash?

Yes, we usually offer about 20% more in store credit compared to cash. This option is quite popular as many customers prefer to trade their records for other items in our store.

Can I choose a combination of store credit and cash?

Absolutely, you can mix the payment methods. A lot of people tend to choose some items they want from the store and receive the rest of their payment in cash. This flexibility allows you to get the most out of what we offer.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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