Record store: South Metro Music

• For genres, we buy just about everything 70s and on. For 60s we mostly just buy rock and jazz. Things we don't typically buy are Glenn Miller, Barbara Streisand, big band, etc.

• For condition, VG+ and better is perfect! We will still buy VG titles if they are good titles, but not for less popular things.

• For pricing, anything above 10 dollars we pay 30% of retail value, which is typically the discogs price, minus 10%-20%, we like to sell things cheaper than discogs in the shop! Under 10 dollars is less of a percentage based on how cheap the retail value is. We have $1.50 bins, for those records we only pay 10 cents.

• For credit vs cash, we take the total cash value and multiply that by 1.32 for how much credit you get! We can special order things for you too if you are going credit!

• At the end of the process we give you a sheet that looks like the attached screenshot with a breakdown of everything!

• You can bring records by any day, my employees are great at pricing and would be happy to help!

-- Kris Marinello (He/Him) South Metro Music ‪Store: (952) 417-6752 Cell: (952) 380-7043

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record store address: 13710 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA