Record store: Speck's Records & Tapes

We are always buying records and tapes, encompassing a wide variety of genres and eras. We're excited to help you understand more about how we buy records and what types of music we're interested in. Below, you'll find answers to some common questions we get asked.


What types of music do you buy?

The net we cast is pretty wide: rock, pop, jazz, soul, disco, r&b, country, folk, punk, reggae, blues, hip hop, electronic, experimental, new age, religious, local artists, private press, soundtracks, and international artists of all kinds.

Are there any types of music you do not buy?

We don't deal much in classical, musicals, opera, or 78s.

What condition do the records need to be in?

As far as condition is concerned, we try to supply our customers with clean and playable records, with intact sleeves. However, we're flexible and willing to look at any collection!

How much do you typically pay for records?

We typically pay 30-60% of retail value for each record, depending on its desirability, condition, rarity, and version.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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