Record store: The Leechpit Records and Vintage

We have over 30 years of experience in buying and valuing records. Whether you are looking to sell old favorites or rare finds, we are excited to see what you have to offer.


When can I bring records into the store?

We buy all sorts of records! Feel free to bring them in any time between 12-5 Monday through Saturday, or you can make an appointment if you'd prefer.

How are valuations determined for records?

Pretty much all of the above. Valuations are based on all of those things, and 30 years of experience. We offer cash or more for credit, usually between 50-100% more depending on the above details.

What genres of records do you primarily purchase?

We buy some of every genre, but there are far fewer big band/easy listening/disco/classical titles we are interested in. Rock, blues, jazz, soul, are the safest bets, but I prefer to look at everything because I just don't know what might catch my eye.

Do you offer more for trade or cash?

We offer both cash and credit for records, with credit usually being 50-100% more than the cash value, depending on specific details such as the condition and rarity of the records.

Are there any genres you are less likely to buy?

While we buy records from all genres, there are certain genres like big band, easy listening, disco, and classical where we are less likely to make a purchase due to lower demand.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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