Record store: Thumbody

Marcus here from Thumbody

Thank you so much for reaching out! We mostly collect all genres with the exception of Classical + Folk.

We carry a ton of Jazz, Funk, Salsa, R&B, Soul and Disco records. VG+ is absolutely acceptable.

Depending on the amount of records you have, I would kindly ask you to send a photo of your collection (wide shot, as individual photos would take a ton of time), as well as a few standout titles that you have, if possible?

If you believe me coming by to take a look may be a bit more feasible, I am willing to do so.

In any event, you can contact me at: 917-435-8618.

Contact the store

record store address: 80 E Rte 4 Ground Floor Suite GFW, Paramus, NJ 07652, USA