Record store: Used Kids Records

Established in 1986, Used Kids Records has become a cornerstone of the Columbus music scene, renowned for its extensive selection of new and used vinyl, CDs, and stereo equipment. As an institution among local record stores, it not only offers an unparalleled array of new releases and in-store performances by beloved local and touring bands but also serves as a treasure trove for vinyl enthusiasts, with countless boxes and bins inviting days of exploration.

At the heart of Used Kids Records' enduring appeal is its commitment to the vinyl resurgence, actively seeking out rare and unusual records to enhance its inventory.

The store's buying policy is straightforward and welcoming: always in the market for used vinyl, CDs, and music memorabilia, with no appointment necessary.

Sellers are encouraged to bring their items regardless of title, condition, and format, as the value is determined upon inspection. This open-door approach underscores Used Kids Records' role not just as a retailer, but as an active participant in the music community, continually inviting contributions to its ever-growing collection.

Used Kids Records (614)421-9455

2500 Summit St. Columbus, OH 43202

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record store address: 2500 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202, USA