Record store: Younger Than Yesterday

I will look at anything. If you have an entire collection you are hoping to be rid of all of I will look at it all and base what I might pay or give in trade for it based on condition and how much of it would actually fit with the needs of our inventory.

Primarily we look for Classic rock, jazz, blues, 50's & 60's rock 'n roll, soul and r&b, metal, hard rock, punk, progressive rock, 50's/60's/70's jazz artists, all the big names like Beatles, Pink Floyd, Dylan, Hendrix, Doors, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, etc etc etc. Lots of stuff.

Has to be in good shape, naturally. Typically I allow twice as much on trade as I would spend in cash. Can't be any more specific without seeing it.  As I said I will look at anything!



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record store address: 2615 N University St, Peoria, IL 61604, USA