Record store: Zoinks Records

The store purchases vinyl records from individuals, with the primary condition that the records must be in at least good condition according to Discogs standards. VG (Very Good) or higher ratings are acceptable.


What genres of records does the store specialize in purchasing?

Specializing in Rock, Soul, and Jazz genres, the store has a focused interest in these areas.

Are there any genres the store typically does not purchase?

The store typically does not purchase Classical music, Musicals, or Pop Vocals such as those by Barbra Streisand or Johnny Mathis.

How can I prepare for selling my records to the store?

Providing a list of the records is encouraged for a smoother transaction process.

Does the store offer any services for evaluating large collections?

For sellers within the store's vicinity, there is an option for a house call, allowing staff to evaluate the collection directly at the seller's location. This service emphasizes the store's commitment to convenience and customer service.

Contact the store

record store address: 226 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766, USA