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I'd be happy to look at any sized collection. Let me know what day and time would work, and I can come to see it. We are open from Tuesday to Sunday.


What are the main factors determining the value of a vinyl record?

There are many factors to determining value. Condition and rarity would be the top two, but also scarcity. Just because a record is rare doesn't mean it is desirable. I have plenty of records that fall into this category. Generally, older records that have special pressings, limited original pressings, and/or imports do well. For example, while Michael Jackson's Thriller was the number one selling record of all time and most likely the most pressed, it's still a $8-$10 record all day every day because there are simply too many pressed to consider it rare. On the other hand, small private press records made in quantities of 300-500 are far more rare and more valuable.

Who should I contact for more information or to arrange an evaluation?

You can contact me, Max, directly to arrange an evaluation or for more information. Here's where you can find us: Max @ Beats 1517 N Bailey St Philadelphia PA 19121

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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