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Given that our store is all of a block away from the Purdue Union, the majority of our customers are Purdue students, so our selection is mostly contemporary pop with a heavy emphasis on indie rock acts, but we also carry some rap and r 'n' b artists. Accordingly, we also have relatively small jazz, blues, folk and international sections, and our selection of "classic rock" acts is also relatively low. A lot of that, however, depends upon just how much money major labels are trying to wring out of those venerable old cash cows.

Our selection is almost exclusively new release vinyl, though a lot of the titles were probably newly released 6 or more years ago. We don't do much of anything with used vinyl because we simply do not have the space: our retail floor space has been whittled down to less than one-fourth of the section of the room that we occupy. For that same reason, we do not carry any "special artists" or "exclusive records" (unless RSD releases count as exclusive). We do, however, have quite a few boxes of clearance-priced vinyl that you can while away the better part of an afternoon sifting through.

If used vinyl is really what you're looking for, JL Records on the levee in West Lafayette and Black Wax in downtown Lafayette are the two used vinyl shops in the area. Of those two, JL can probably make a better case for carrying exclusive items or "unique finds," as long as you're willing to pay for them.

Mark @ Von's

Last updated: 2024-06-26

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