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What genres of music do you carry?

We have all genres, predominantly rock and pop, but we have some jazz too!

Do you have any special or unique records?

We have some records that are limited edition records and some records that have original inserts/posters. Bruce Springsteen grew up right down the road from our store, so we have at least one local talent unique to our area.

What is the condition of most records you sell?

We don't have many unsealed, new records - they are predominantly older, used records. We do play them before putting them out for sale to ensure that they don't skip.

What are the price ranges for your records?

Our prices range from Free (for some of the records that DO skip) to $50. Most of them are in the $5-$20 range.

How can I check out some of your popular records online?

You can start checking out some of the more popular ones on our website: (then click on vinyl records).

What are you looking forward to with customers?

Looking forward to your visit!

-George Buccheri

Last updated: 2024-06-25

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