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Are you currently buying records from individuals?

Record stores do buy from people but about a fraction of what they are worth. At this time I am not buying because I have so much in storage and in the store. You can try other record stores in the area and sell them on Discogs yourself for the most money.

What genres do you carry in your store?

We have a big jazz section as well as a pop and new wave section. We also have sections for Rap/Hip-hop; New Release; Rock and Roll and Soft Rock; Reggae; Blues; Interesting Records; Soundtracks; Country and Rockabilly; Folk and Bluegrass; Older Pop Vocals; Classic; Alternative, Grunge, Psychic, Indie, Punk; Metal; R&B and Soul; Older Pop Vocals.

How are your records organized?

Our records are broken into sections based on genre. We also have a bin of used records cleaned and resleeved.

Can I get assistance if I have questions while in the store?

Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help you find what you need or to provide more information on our selection.

D & J Records

Last updated: 2024-06-26

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