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Do you purchase records from individuals?

We do purchase from individuals, we generally ask folks to bring them by and drop them off with us. We'll get you into the drop off queue and once we get to you in line (usually within the week) we'll go through everything and check to see what we are interested in, check the condition of those, and then make an offer based on what we are interested in.

Are there any genres you do not buy?

There are some genres that we are pickier on/may not buy at all. Those are: classical, big band jazz, opera, showtunes, vocals. We don't take 78s at all either, unfortunately there's not much of a market for them.

What are the requirements for 45s records?

For 45s we ask they come in their original picture or label sleeve. Loose 45s we pass on and ones with generic white replacement sleeves we are pickier with.

Can I drop off records anytime during store hours?

With that being said- you can stop by anytime during store hours to drop off and someone can help you out.

What genres of music do you carry?

We carry all genres of music, with a pretty large selection of pop, rock, jazz, and metal, as well as other categories such as R&B/soul, country, and soundtracks.

Do you sell both new and used records?

Yes, we carry a full selection of both new and used records.

How often do you restock used records?

We put out a fresh batch of used records almost weekly, on Tuesdays, which we call ""UsedTuesForYous.""

How can I get updates on new used records you put out?

You can sign up for our email list to get an email each Tuesday with highlights and links directly to the full list of titles that went out that week for every format in the store. Here's the link for your reference: UsedTuesForYous List

Can I browse your collection online?

Yes, you can browse our full collection of used and new records on our site, which updates in real time.

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Last updated: 2024-05-29

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