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Welcome to Dyno Records, Newburyport's premier destination for vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers. Discover our unique collection and services!


What genres of music do you specialize in?

We're interested in blues, jazz, rock and roll, rockabilly, New Orleans, funk, electronic, punk, and soul from the 1960s to present day.

What types of records do you not accept?

Sorry, but we do not take 78's or 45's. We also do not buy kid's music, comedy, spoken word, classical, showtunes, big band, marching band, military, 50's music like doo-wop, Time-Life style compilations, or easy listening such as Lawrence Welk, Neil Diamond, Ann Murray, Perry Como, Peter Paul and Mary, etc.

What condition should the records be in for you to consider purchasing them?

We buy LPs in good shape with no scuffs, scratches, visible warps, moisture exposure, filmy appearance, mildew, or smoke smell. The vinyl itself should be in a paper sleeve inside the cover. For the covers, we prefer them to be free of writing, tape, or tears.

How can I sell my records to you?

If you want to sell your records, send photos of the LP's spines (lined up like books on a shelf) to This allows us to check out the titles and continue the conversation, considering our limited floor space.

Dyno Records LLC One Middle Street Newburyport MA 01950 978 462 9630

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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