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We prefer records to be pretty blemish free, but exceptions are made for valuable records that can be sold at a lower price due to their condition. All records must have their covers.


What genres are you generally not interested in buying?

We are generally not interested in big band, pop vocalists from the 40s to 60s, show tunes, or classical music, except for avant-garde or performances from St. Louis.

What genres are you especially interested in?

We are especially interested in rock, metal, punk, jazz, rap, soul, and modern electronic music. However, we sell everything and are open to looking at other genres like world music, folk, or soundtracks.

Are there any specific times when I cannot bring in records?

You are able to bring in your records any time except for Friday evenings after 5PM or Saturday mornings before noon.

What options are available for payment when I sell my records?

We can make offers for either cash or store credit. More is paid in store credit than in cash.

Thank you for your interest in selling your records to us.

Best regards, Nick

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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