Record store: Hi-Voltage Records

Yes, we are always interested in looking at collections. We buy most genres, although demand for certain genres like classical, country, folk, musicals, easy listening, and big band is generally low.


What genres are you most interested in purchasing?

We are particularly interested in classic rock, punk, new wave, alt rock, indie rock, metal, electronic, ambient, jazz, R&B soul/funk, and blues. These genres always attract our interest due to their higher demand and sellability.

How do you evaluate collections that are brought in?

When collections are brought in, we sort them into three categories: strong sellers, moderate sellers, and ones that are likely not sellable. We then check the condition of the records in the first two categories and assess what we can pay for them based on potential sell prices.

Do you offer more for trade-ins compared to cash offers?

Yes, we offer 10-15% more for trade-ins compared to our cash offers. This incentivizes store credit over cash to help support continuous engagement with our customers.

How can I set up an appointment to bring in my collection?

To set up an appointment, please let us know what you have and when you would like to come in. You can contact us at Hi-Voltage Records, located at 2714 6th Ave, Tacoma WA 98406, or call us at 253-627-4278.

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record store address: 2714 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA