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Do you buy albums?

Yes, we buy albums, including both 45s and 12” records.

What genres do you buy?

We buy most genres except classical, as we currently have hundreds of classical records in backstock.

How important is the condition of the album sleeve?

Generally, if the album is in good condition, the sleeve doesn't matter quite as much.

What can I expect in terms of return when selling my records?

The amount of return for your records will probably be disappointing, as from the store's perspective, we might sit on albums for an indeterminate period, whereas you get instant cash.

Do you have any advice for selling high-value albums?

For specific albums of value, try selling them on eBay or Discogs yourself as you'll get to keep the full price, although you might wait months for those items to sell.

Can I bring in my albums for evaluation?

Yes, you can bring them in for evaluation. I'm out of town right now, but I'll be back in the shop Monday, March 18. Let me know if there's a day and time you want to stop by.

Last updated: 2024-06-12

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