Record store: HiFi Sound

You can contact our album curator, Rich, in California. You can reach him at 310.849.7369 for any inquiries about selling records.


How do you determine the value of the records?

The value of records is determined based on condition, market value, and rarity. Each of these factors is considered to ensure a fair evaluation.

Do you offer cash or store credit for records?

We buy records outright, so transactions are typically handled with cash rather than store credit.

Are there any types of records you do not accept?

While we aim to buy a wide range of records, we do not purchase records that we think cannot be sold. However, we consider all categories and make selections based on potential sales.

How is the store involved with the records sold by Rich?

The store itself does not deal directly with the records except to sell the records that Rich provides to us. All transactions and evaluations are handled by Rich.

For further inquiries or to set up a deal, please contact Rich directly.

Contact the store

record store address: 825 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA