Record store: Down In The Valley

We are mainly looking for rock and roll, 1950-1970's jazz (NON big band/dixieland), funk/soul, punk, and metal records. There are some country artists we are always buying but only a handful of artists that have demand in that genre.


What types of music do you generally not buy?

Unfortunately, there is little demand for anything pre-1960's that isn't rock and roll, jazz (NON big band/dixieland), and blues music.

Do you buy 78 rpm records?

We do not deal in 78's. The only record store in town that does is Vintage Music Company in Minneapolis (they deal in 78's exclusively).

How can I arrange to bring in my collection?

If you think you have anything we'd be interested in, we can gladly set you up with a time to bring in your collection, just let us know.

Who should I contact to discuss selling my records?

You can contact me, Steven, at Down In The Valley. Thank you for considering us!

Contact the store

record store address: 8020 Olson Mem Hwy, Golden Valley, MN 55427, USA