Record store: Uila Records

For more information or to arrange a review of your records, please contact us directly at Uila Records. You're welcome to bring your records to our store for assessment.


What types of music records are you currently interested in purchasing?

We're actively looking for records in genres like Hawaiian, jazz, funk, soul, punk, metal, country, and anything that's obscure or unopened. These types of music are highly desirable for our collection.

Are there any specific types of records you are not looking to buy?

Currently, we have a sufficient stock of '60s and '70s rock, so we are less interested in those unless they are limited edition, unopened, or in mint condition. Additionally, we do not have a need or interest in opera, classical, or '40s/'50s swing music as these do not sell well at our store.

How do you prefer to receive records for consideration?

We would obviously like to review any records before agreeing to purchase or trade. It's best to bring your records to our store so we can evaluate them directly.

What are the options for compensation if you decide to purchase or trade for my records?

We offer compensation in the form of cash, store credit, or a combination of both. Generally, we provide more value for trade or store credit compared to cash.

Jason Sear Co-owner / Uila Records

Contact the store

record store address: 65-1227 Opelo Rd, Waimea, HI 96743, United States