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What types of records do you stock?

We stock both new and used records, so you will find your 2 dollar records and your box sets costing over a grand.

Do you have a special collection of records?

I purchased a large private collection of 4000 plus sealed records a few years back which had a wide variety of records including Original Master Recordings and Mobil High Fidelity. More than half this collection is still not on the floor but we can get you a list of what we started with.

How significant is your record store in the state?

We are the largest and oldest record store in the state.

What is the experience of purchasing records at your store like?

You will have to come and dig and look. It is an experience.

Do you provide any facilities for transporting purchased records?

If you need shipping boxes we can get you some if you buy a lot and you can mail the records home.


Last updated: 2024-06-25

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