Record store: Spectrum Record Lounge

Since opening on September 12, 2022, we've been a unique hybrid of a record store and lounge. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or trade records, or simply relax and enjoy some great music, we offer a welcoming atmosphere where all are invited. We handle transactions in cash, check, or trade, providing flexibility to meet your needs.


How do you determine the value of a record collection?

The value of the collection is based on the titles and condition of the records. Opting for trade might get you a few more dollars than a straight sale.

What kind of records are you interested in buying or trading?

We sell quite a bit of all genres, honestly. We're particularly keen on records where both the vinyl and cover are in good condition—VG or better with no major rips, tears, or warping. Light scratching is generally acceptable, but the records must be playable.

What factors affect the cash offer you make for records?

Title and condition are the most important factors. We assess each record individually. If the records require cleaning before they can be sold, this affects the offer, potentially around 30-40% of the collection’s value. For high-demand artists like Miles Davis, the offer might be higher.

How much more can I get if I choose to trade instead of sell outright?

If you're looking to trade, you might receive an offer closer to 50% of your collection's value, which is more favorable compared to a cash sale.

How can I make the appraisal process easier?

If you have a list of the records or can send photos of them, that would be great. It could potentially save us some time during the appraisal process.

Thank you for reaching out, Travis Tyson Owner 113 Broadway Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 573-803-0809

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