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We purchase records from the public literally every day. You just bring them in, let us go through them, and we make you an offer. Sometimes, if we're super busy or a little short-staffed, we'll ask people to leave them with us for a day or two since we do have to look at every single record.


Do you buy all types of records?

No, we do not buy 78s, and I don't know of any store in the greater Cincinnati area that does. We do buy 45s, but except for rare exceptions, we sell them for a quarter apiece and only pay pennies for them. If it's something we'd sell for more than that, of course, we'll pay more, but the majority of the 45s that come in don't bring in much.

What genres of music do you prefer to buy?

We do best with pop music from the 60s to the present, classic rock, heavy metal, and punk/alternative. Genres like Jazz, R&B, Country, etc., it really depends on the artist and title.

Are there any types of records you do not need?

Yes, we do not need any 40s/50s pop vocal (Perry Como, Doris Day, etc.), big band/Dixieland jazz, older soundtracks, Reader's Digest box sets, etc.

How do you determine the price you pay for a record?

The price we pay depends largely on the type of record and its market value. For common 45s, we usually pay pennies since we sell them for a quarter each. For records that are rarer or in higher demand, we will offer more, based on what we expect to sell them for.

-- Mark Utley Manager, Morrow Records 859-918-1236

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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