Record store: Shake It Records

Genres and Eras: The Shake It Records store expresses interest in a diverse range of music genres and eras, particularly seeking Rock n' Roll, Reggae, vintage R&B/Soul, Jazz, Blues, Punk/New Wave, Indie, Hip Hop, Modern Composer/Avant Garde, Old-School Country, and Folk music from around the world. Oddball records and Spoken Word are also of interest, with a caveat for most Comedy, Classical, Show Tunes, and 40's-60's Crooner LPs being hard sells.

Condition Requirements: Condition is crucial; vinyl needs to be in "very good" or "like new" condition with mild wear often being acceptable. LPs must have their covers, though 7"s and 78s may not require them.

Appointment and Evaluation: For large collections (defined as 400 pieces or more), house calls are made, with distance and scheduling being considerations. An appointment is necessary for these evaluations, and sellers are advised to organize their collection and ensure good lighting for the appraisal. Company checks are provided for house call purchases.

Valuation Process: Valuation does not adhere to price guides but is based on the store's extensive experience, market demand, and the condition and rarity of the items. Prices are dynamic and can vary significantly over short periods.

Selling Options: The store typically pays half of what they expect to sell an item for, with cash, checks, or store credit options available. Store credit may offer more value than cash payments.

Additional Services: The store offers house calls for evaluating large collections, preferring to issue company checks for such transactions.

Any Specific Exclusions: Explicit exclusions include badly warped, scratched, or moldy records unless they are extremely rare. The store also notes that not all records from highly popular artists are of significant value due to their widespread availability.

Contact the store

record store address: 4156 Hamilton Ave # 1, Cincinnati, OH 45223, USA