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Do you buy records?

Yes, I do buy records, mainly 33's. It all just depends on what artists you have and the conditions.

What can I find in your jazz section?

I do have a Jazz section; it's not the biggest, but I always try to snag whatever good and unique ones I can when people bring in stuff to sell.

What types of records do you carry?

We carry new and used records of all genres. What I have just depends on what is available on the day you stop in.

Do you have records from local artists?

Yes, I do have some more local artists, some new and older stuff. Some newer rock artists from the area, and typically have some older folk, bluegrass, and gospel stuff that is from this area, and the occasional record from our local Dixieland jazz group (none in stock of theirs right this second).

What should I expect if I visit your store?

I hope this helps, and if you do come, I hope it is worth your trip. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.

Last updated: 2024-06-29

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