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What types of records are you looking to buy?

While it would be hard to list all wants and don't wants, generally, we do not buy a lot of classical, Broadway shows, or old pop records. We are looking for a variety of genres and artists, so the best approach is to tell us some specific artists or albums you have.

How important is the condition of the records?

Condition is a significant factor for us. The better the condition, the more likely we are to consider the records for resale. We generally look for records that are well-maintained and have minimal wear.

Are there any special requirements for selling my records to you?

There are no special requirements for selling your records to us. However, we recommend calling to discuss the collection further, which can help us understand what you have and how we might proceed.

How can I give you information about my record collection?

It's best for you to provide names or specific artists from your collection. This information can usually tell us if we can use the records for resale. Feel free to list what you think are the highlights of your collection.

How can I discuss my collection further with you?

Feel free to call me to discuss the collection further. This conversation can help us determine the potential interest in your records and guide you on the next steps.

Thank you for considering selling your record collection to us. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the potential of adding your music to our inventory.

Douglas Snyder Replay Records 2586 Whitney Ave. Hamden, CT 06518 203-934-9999

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record store address: 2586 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518, USA