Record store: Right On!!! Napa

What we would be most interested in is; Rock,Jazz,Soul,R+B and Hip Hop. Our cutoff date is 1960. Anything prior to that is tough to move. With the exception of Jazz records,the golden age of jazz was pretty much from 1955-1965. Our buying days are Tuesday-Friday, 11:00-5:00. Bring in your records and I'll appraise them to see if there is anything I could resell in our store, then make you an offer...

We hope to see you soon. Thank you. Tim Leonard Right On!!! Napa 2375 California Blvd Ste A Napa CA 94559 (707)224-4050

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record store address: 2375 California Blvd A, Napa, CA 94559, USA