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What types of music genres do you carry?

I carry most genres, with a strong focus on jazz, pop, and a tremendous amount of really good blues. We do not carry classical as it’s never been a big seller for us.

How often does your inventory change?

Our inventory, especially for jazz and pop, changes daily.

Do you carry new release vinyl?

Yes, we do carry new release vinyl but have a more robust offering of used LPs.

Do you have a section for local artists?

We don’t really have a dedicated local artists section at the moment. We do offer consignment for local artists but primarily for CDs, not vinyl. We are open to the idea of vinyl should the opportunity arise.

How do you handle unique or rare vinyl?

We do have some vinyl that is rare and in great condition, which we keep in a closed glass display case to ensure they don’t get handled a lot.

Can you explain more about your selection and inventory practices?

The reasons for our inventory choices, particularly why we focus more on used LPs than new releases, can be explained better in store. Feel free to visit and inquire further.

Warm wishes,
Larry May
913 Noble Street
Anniston, AL 36201

Last updated: 2024-06-20

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