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Thanks for asking about Sunday Records.  The shop is best for people who appreciate real record stores - people who like to spend time flipping through the crates and becoming fully immersed in the experience. I have other customers who travel a good distance to visit the shop, and they usually tell me it was worth the trip.  My jazz section is good, but not extraordinary - about 5 crates jazz records.  Once in a while,  I have some real finds in there (like original deep-groove Blue Notes), but they go quickly. But, there is always enough jazz for it to be interesting. 

I try to highlight local artists, and I do have a few releases (CD and vinyl) that you might not find in other shops.  Off the top of my head, I know I have Devil Devil Love, which was recorded on Long Island and produced by the manager of the East End Arts music studio which is around the corner from the shop.  I also have Ice Cold Killers, which was dropped off by the guitarist from that band, and Bobby Volkman's Yellows LP (Bobby is a local artist and also my nephew).  I also have some LPs by a few non-local independent artists that contacted me directly and asked me to carry their records in my store. And, I have some CDs by local artists that have played at the theater in town (Suffolk Theater). 

Overall, it is a good mix of new and used records - and I try to keep the pricing reasonable. I am a lifelong record store person, and I always ask myself: "what I would want to pay for a record if I was shopping here. So, if you are an avid record-store person, I think you will enjoy the shop. 

Store hours are Sundays from 11 to 5, and the address is 125 Roanoke Avenue, Riverhead, NY. 

Hope to see you soon!
Brian at Sunday Records
sundayrecordsriverheadny@gmail. com

Last updated: 2024-06-19

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