Record store: Blue Raven Records

We would take a look at what you have and make you an offer that would be the same amount in cash or store credit.


What types of records do you not buy?

It's easier to tell you what we don't look for. We don't buy classical, 78s, big band, and most things considered easy listening. Everything else, we are interested in.

Do records need to have their original jackets?

Yes, we do not take records without jackets. The presence of the jacket is crucial for us to consider a purchase.

Can I send pictures of my records before coming in?

Yes, you can always send pictures to our mobile line so we can see if what you have is something we would be interested in. This can save you time and help us prepare a potential offer more quickly.

Blue Raven Record Shop/Rock Art Revival (908) 628-9323 Blue Raven Record Shop (908) 628-9330 Rock Art Revival (908) 899-1576 Mobile/Text Line

Contact the store

record store address: 108 Harrison St, Frenchtown, NJ 08825, United States