Record store: Crossroads Music

Welcome to CROSSROADS RECORDS! Located at 8112 SE Foster Rd., Portland, Oregon, our store is a treasure trove of over 50 music dealers each curating their own unique inventory on a consignment basis. Whether you're looking for rare records, unique posters, or special CDs, you're sure to find something at the largest selection in Oregon, all offered at reasonable prices.


Do you buy records regularly?

Yes, we buy records every day. If you don't mind bringing them in, we don't mind going through them.

What types of music are currently popular?

A lot of classic rock is doing well now, along with a lot of alternative rock, especially "out there" experimental items.

How do you handle grading of the records?

We don't put grading on the price sticker, we let the customer do their own assessment. However, when we buy and price records we have a strict observance of the grade level. For example, "near mint" means it looks like the day it was made, but may have been played. Some of our vendors have different standards, so the standards mentioned apply to what we call the "company store" here at Crossroads, maintained by my partner and myself, Eric.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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record store address: 8112 SE Foster Rd., Portland, Oregon 97206