Record store: 74 Kid Records

The best way to proceed is to let me know what you have. A list works, or you can send pictures via email or text. I have to pass on 45's unless they are super clean and in sleeves. Contact Tom at 708-227-5100.


What types of LPs are you interested in purchasing?

At a glance, the collection consists of a large mix of: Highly Desirable (Example: Led Zeppelin); Common classic rock (REO Speedwagon); Common country (Willie Nelson); Hit or Miss (Rod Stewart); Hard sells (Various Artists Records); Near Impossible (Paul Anka);

What is your process for making an offer?

If you are interested in selling the albums, I would need to see the records in person and I would make an offer. You have a great collection and I have the capital to make a fair offer with the understanding that I'm a reseller. As a rule, I don't cherry pick; I take the great and the hard sells.

What are your conditions for evaluating albums?

I need to evaluate the vinyl condition, cover condition, inner sleeve, and inserts. As far as albums with no covers, I generally pass on them.

Contact the store

record store address: 210 Ryno Rd, Coloma, MI 49038, United States