Record store: Slackers CDs & Games


What types of vinyl records are you interested in purchasing?

We're mainly interested in Rock, Hip Hop, and Soundtracks, but we are open to anything in good shape.

How can I provide information about my vinyl record collection for a quote?

For us to give a quote, you'd need to either bring your collection into the shop or send us a list with general notes on condition. It might be helpful to group them into sub-lists by condition if you don't want to spend time making notes on each individual record.

What should I include in the list when sending it for a quote?

When sending us a list for a quote, include general notes on the condition of the records. Grouping them into sub-lists by their condition can simplify the process both for you and for us in assessing them.

Can I bring my vinyl records directly to the shop for a quote?

Yes, you can bring your vinyl record collection directly to the shop for a quote.

Are there specific conditions that the records need to meet?

We are open to purchasing records that are in good shape, regardless of genre.

Last updated: 2024-06-12

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