Record store: The B Side / Bluescentric

We take basically all records, the only exceptions are most classical & big band-era.

First, it's about the condition. Water damage is often a deal breaker, records that are extremely worn can also be a problem. From your description, it sounds like your records are more well cared for.

Past that, as you're no doubt aware, the value often ultimately lies in the actual titles. Some titles are much more common (for example, most Linda Ronstadt or Herb Alpert), while some titles like Zep, Stones or a lot of Blues, Jazz, World or Reggae is worth more to us because we know people will want it. We pay more for Metal right now. We need more bad, our stock is very low.

If you're local, you can bring them by or we can come take a look. If you're outside of Missouri, you can send photos and/or video (we have a process for shipping records to here). If we can see it in some way, we can usually probably tell you pretty quickly about what it might be worth to us.

It would not be possible to speculate on any values without at least a slightly better understanding of what you'd like to sell.

Depending on the quantity, condition, etc, Store credit is often anywhere between 1.5x to 2x the cash value.

Have a nice remainder to your weekend!

In peace and blues, Matt Stage Crew Blues / Soul / Rock n Roll


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record store address: 1122 Wilkes Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201, USA